Church Membership


Why should you become a member of a church?

A personal commitment to Jesus Christ is to be lived out in the context of a local church. Our discipleship to Jesus is personal, but never private. The most important way you can get involved at UCCD is through becoming a member. In membership, our spiritual relationship as members of the Body of Christ is practically displayed through our commitment, fellowship, and care for one another.


Members of UCCD promise to live together under our Church Covenant, which shows how we live out the gospel in community.

We hold Membership Matters classes throughout the year, both as occasional 2-day weekend sessions, or during Friday Foundations at 9:30am as a 6-week course. Our next Membership Matters class will be during Friday Foundations at 9:30am - 10:20am, from October 18 - November 15. Learn more on our Events page.


Register for the Membership Matters class

For further information, please contact our Church office: