All Church gatherings are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19, in accordance with local mandates. Click here for more

COVID-19 Updates

The UAE authorities have decided to suspend all religious public gatherings until further notice in view of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

We see the wisdom and goodness of this directive as we all hope to see this epidemic be brought under control. While we are prevented from gathering as we normally do in this season, we will still look for alternative ways to connect with each other that do not pose a risk to each other or our community. We hope we can love our neighbors as ourselves by doing our part to slow the spread of this virus here in the UAE and honor Christ by being “subject to the governing authorities” (Rom 13:1). 


There is no substitute for the weekly gathered assembly. There is nothing like being with hundreds of people from every inhabited continent, exulting in the glory of God in the gospel. We don't think we can just “do church” online, in a way that begins to mimic the blessing we receive in real, gathered worship.

Yet in his providence our good and generous God has ordained that we will not be gathering altogether for a season. We will be separated from our most valuable means of grace—the regular assembly of God’s people: face-to-face fellowship, baptism, the Lord's Supper, hearing the Word together, responding in song and prayer.

What we can do is provide some aids to private worship. We can still sit under a common teaching of the Word, singing the same songs, and praying with the same focus as one another. As the Lord gives us opportunity throughout the week, our conversations can center around these things. We hope you use the template below to guide your own soul and families in worship to God and encouragement in the Gospel this week.


Even as the world is perplexed and unsettled by these events, let us continue trusting in our Sovereign Lord, serving one another as best we can, and bearing witness to the truth of the gospel.


Watch this encouragement from Pastor John Folmar