Friday Foundations

Every Friday morning at 9:30am, we offer foundational classes on Biblical fundamentals and practical subjects.

Our classes are divided into three tracks: Christian Basics, Church History & Theology, and Christian Discipleship.

At the moment, we have two classes:


FF_TwoWaystoLive FF_stewardship

in Hope Room downstairs

Highlighting the message of the Gospel. Equipping you to share it.

in Emmanuel Hall

Considering how to use our money, time and talents faithfully and in obedience to the Lord.

Upcoming Friday Foundations Classes

November 5 - December 10

Meeting with God - Being encouraged to pursue the basic, biblical disciplines of the Christian life.
Worship God - Considering worship personally, and corporately in the church.
What Happens When I Die? - Preparing for suffering and death.

December 17 - January 14

Membership Matters - Learning more about the church or intending to join.
Five Christians You Should Know - Finding encouragement from five faithful Christians from the past.
Biblical Counseling - Exploring how the church cares for one another.

January 21 - February 25

Dig Deeper - Interpreting the Bible as instructed in the Bible.
What is the Church? - Exploring who the church is and what she must be.
The Peacemaker - Thinking through how to biblically resolve conflict as it arises in our lives.

March 4 - April 1

Membership Matters - Learning more about the church or intending to join.
Finding Wisdom - Studying the wisdom literature found in the Old Testament.
Parenthood - Considering what it means for parents to raise their children in the wisdom and instruction of the Lord.

April 8 - May 20

Jump Start - Exploring the basics of the Christian life.
Apologetics and Worldviews - Being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.
Parenthood - Considering what it means for parents to raise their children in the wisdom and instruction of the Lord.

May 27 - July 1

Guidance - Clearing away the confusion surrounding knowing and following the will of God.
The Cross & The Crescent - Learning how to engage our Muslim friends with the gospel.
Spiritual Warfare - Exploring the reality of angels, demons and supernatural activity.

July 8 - Aug 26

Fear of Man - Exposing the fear of man and calling us to fear God rather than people. (ends August 19)
Systematic Theology - Learning what the Bible teaches about the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.
Spiritual Disciplines - Growing in our use of the means of grace given to the church so that we might mature in Christ.