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UCCD Church Picnic

Break out your favorite picnic cuisine, some blankets, dust off the ole' rugby ball and frisbee! This weekend UCCD will be gathering at Safa Park for another church picnic! Come to Safa gate two, head to your left towards the bar-b-que area and enjoy a great time of fellowship!

The Herald - October 2011

‘If you are a newcomer then we are delighted you are here !’ Sound familiar? Yup, you hear those words every Friday. But are we really delighted that non believers are attending our gathering? How should we welcome newcomers? Why should we be delighted? ....For all this and more, check out

What Happened to All the Donuts?

Serious pastry and coffee consumers may have noticed that something is now missing from the Sherbeck’s Cafe downstairs, namely, the pastries and the coffee. Be at peace, caffeine and sugar addicts, there is a good reason for their disappearance.