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Improving Congregational Singing

According to the forty-seventh Psalm, we are to sing the praise of the Lord "with skillfulness." I will leave the musical instruction side of that commandment, with its pitches, note reading, beat, proper breathing, harmonizing, etc., to those more gifted than I am in this area (which would be quite a number of people). Yet a congregation can make vast improvements in its singing even without choral training. How? Simply by listening to and obeying the Word of God's instruction on how we are to sing in the presence of God. Consider applying in a purposeful way these short exhortations to your singing as you go to the house of the Lord the next time.

Church Was Great! Let's Not Talk About It

We've just heard the Word read and proclaimed, sung the praises of our great God, and petitioned him...

UCCD Church Picnic

Break out your favorite picnic cuisine, some blankets, dust off the ole' rugby ball and frisbee! This weekend UCCD will be gathering at Safa Park for another church picnic! Come to Safa gate two, head to your left towards the bar-b-que area and enjoy a great time of fellowship!

What Happened to All the Donuts?

Serious pastry and coffee consumers may have noticed that something is now missing from the Sherbeck’s Cafe downstairs, namely, the pastries and the coffee. Be at peace, caffeine and sugar addicts, there is a good reason for their disappearance.