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The Herald - November 2013

Missions exists because worship doesn’t. So we at UCCD have the greatest privilege in the universe: to increase the worship of God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the UAE we have unique opportunities and challenges but the message and the method are the same: Go, make, baptize, teach. How can we be bold and faithful to share Christ in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces?

The Herald - October 2013

Obedience to the Great Commission requires that we engage in spiritual warfare. How do you think about spiritual warfare? What does church planting have to do with it? In view of our RAK and Sharjah church plants, whether you go or stay, your eyes need to be fixed on the one who conquered Satan and death on the cross.

The Herald - September 2013

The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It encourages us to wait patiently and faithfully for His return. But how do we faithfully interpret this famously misunderstood book? How can we apply its message to our lives in 2013?

The Herald - August 2013

As we fight the fight of faith it’s enough sometimes just to keep ourselves together. But God is glorifed through the unity of the members of the body of Christ all together. How can we be united when we’re so different? How do we love as Jesus loved us?

The Herald - June 2013

The Bible uses marriage to remind us about what Christ did for the church. The gospel defines roles for the Christian husband and wife. What does marriage have to do with sanctification? How should we pray for our spouses?

The Herald - July 2013

How does God guide His people? How do I discern His voice and respond in a way that honors and pleases Him? Can a Christian be outside the will of God? Does wisdom have anything to do with it?

The Herald - May 2013

The Bible has a lot to say about money. How do we steward our possessions to the glory of God? How does the gospel of grace speak to our greed? What does gospel-giving look like?

The Herald - April 2013

The church is not a drive thru. We linger and meet and converse to build and encourage one another. But how do we begin these conversations? What should we ask?

The Herald - March 2013

Why should ordinary Christians study theology? Doesn’t that just result in people with big heads? Can theology help our marriages? Can theology quieten our anxious hearts?

The Herald - February 2013

Do you pick and choose when it comes to obeying God commands for life in the local church? Or do you seek to follow the whole counsel of God? How do we as Christians listen to God’s word and demonstrate unity?

The Herald - January 2013

The first week of the New Year is notorious for making and breaking resolutions. How do we make them stick and what does it have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? What will you do in order to leave an inheritance? A string of broken resolutions or something more valuable and edifying?

The Herald - December 2012

It’s Christmas time! While the whole world shops and celebrates Christmas as a secular, fun filled, sentimental holiday, how can we as a church communicate the true message of the incarnation of God? This Christmas season, we would like to encourage you to evangelize your family, friends and neighbors using Carl Laferton’s little book called Christmas Uncut. This not only presents the gospel but also the foundational elements of a worldview in which the gospel makes sense. All this and more in....

The Herald - November 2012

Read about UCCD's exciting church planting opportunities in Ras Al Khaimah

The Herald - October 2012

How should Christians relate to the law? Read about it in the October issue of the Herald

The Herald - August 2012

Are you struggling with self-centeredness. Read the August edition of the Herald to help you combat this sin.

The Herald - July 2012

What dose biblical love look like in community? How should God’s people love one another? How do we do this when relationships are so hard and messy?

The Herald - June 2012

Are you one of those Christians who loves Jesus and wants to evangelise, but doesn’t know how? Don’t know where to start? Does one need to have a special feeling or training in order to begin a conversation about Jesus?

The Herald - May 2012

1. How to Listen to a Sermon, by Phil Ryken 2. Practice True Spirituality by Donald S.Whitney 3. 7 Ways to Build a Spiritual Conversation by Bobby Jamieson 4. Nicodemus : When Knowing the Bible isn’t Enough by Derek Thomas 5. 3 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Pastor by R.C Sproul JR

The Herald - April 2012

The Passion Week draws near and people all over the world watch as Christians observe Good Friday and Easter. What makes Good Friday good? Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important to our faith? For all this and more see this month's Herald.

The Herald - March 2012

Have you ever thought about encouraging your brother or sister in the Lord? What’s the difference between trite flattery and godly encouragement? How does this look in the community of God's people? For all this and more see this months Herald.

The Herald - February 2012

What are idols? Are they just those metal or wooden busts that Hindus worship or is there more to it? How should Christians think about idolatry? How should we guard our hearts against idols? What role does the Word of God play in all of this? For all this and more see this months Herald.

The Herald - October 2011

‘If you are a newcomer then we are delighted you are here !’ Sound familiar? Yup, you hear those words every Friday. But are we really delighted that non believers are attending our gathering? How should we welcome newcomers? Why should we be delighted? ....For all this and more, check out

The Herald - September 2011

Ramadan is over. Plenty of folks now believe that all their accumulated good works will earn them sufficient favor before God. Several years ago one man rose against the most powerful human institution in the world and opposed precisely this idea. We get to read his story in this issue.

The Herald - August 2011

Ever wonder what hospitality has to do with God? Why in the world should elders be hospitable men? What does hospitality got to do with the end times? How is it linked to God’s grace in salvation? For all this and more, check out

The Herald - July 2011

Going on holiday this summer? This month’s Herald takes a look at how Christian families can redeem their family vacations. Be encouraged as you read

The Herald - June 2011

This month’s Herald aims to help Christians steward their God-given resources for his glory.

The Herald - May 2011

This month’s Herald includes a review on Rob Bell’s Nooma Videos and letters from those who have, or will be leaving the church.

The Herald - April 2011

This month's Herald includes some teaching on the Proposed Church Constitution, as well as an article by Colin Marshall (Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia) on the responsibility of ministering to others, when the church gathers.

The Herald - March 2011

This month's Herald includes an article on the proposed Statement of Faith, and articles by our recent Men’s and Women’s Ministry speakers, Sam Crabtree and Kathleen Nielson.

The Herald - February 2011

God is holy, and therefore His people also are to be holy ( 1 Peter 1:15-16). This month's Herald se...

The Herald - January 2011

Happy New Year! In this month's Herald we consider ways to help improve our spiritual walk with God ...

The Herald - December 2010

This month's Herald emphasis is on the birth of Christ. However, when we consider the incarnation of Christ, we must also consider why the Father sent his eternal Son- because of His love, and the Son's mission- to die on the cross and rise from the dead. May these articles encourage you to reflect on God's great love for His people in Christ.

The Herald - November 2010

For the second month in a row, the Herald includes articles on parenting and dating. Whether you are single, dating, or are a parent, may you read and be encouraged and challenged. The following articles originally appeared on Focus on the Family’s online webzine entitled Boundless (

The Herald - October 2010

This month’s Herald includes articles on communication advice necessary for the survival of all Christian relationships, dating, and marriage. Whether you are the one helping someone move towards marriage, or are the one getting married, we hope these articles we be of use.

The Herald - September 2010

This month’s Herald focus is on the UCCD Internship Program and our 2010-2011 interns.

The Herald - August 2010

This month’s Herald follows up our series in the book of 1 John. As you read, may you be strengthened in your belief, and may you increase in your love towards God and His children.