The Herald - June 2013

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The Gospel And Marriage

The Bible uses marriage to remind us about what Christ did for the church. The gospel defines roles for the Christian husband and wife. What does marriage have to do with sanctification? How should we pray for our spouses?


In this Issue:

  1. The Gospel and Marriage - Deepak Reju

  2. 10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart - Deepak Reju
  3. 10 Things To Pray For Your Wife - Jonathan Parnell
  4. For Wives: Why Do We Pray so Infrequently for our Husbands? - Tim Savage
  5. Possible Marriage Saver in Nine Steps - John Piper
  6. Marriages are Built or Destroyed Moment by Moment - Paul Tripp
  7. To Love Redemptively and to Respect with thoughts, Words, & Deeds - Gary and Betsy Ricucci
  8. For Husbands: 6 Ways to Display Christ’s Love - Tim Savage


Download the June 2013 Herald here