The Herald - September 2013

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Revelation - The Beginning of The End


The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It encourages us to wait patiently and faithfully for His return. But how do we faithfully interpret this famously misunderstood book? How can we apply its message to our lives in 2013?


As we welcome our new Youth Ministry Director and Pastoral Interns, let us heed the call to wait well for our Lord’s appearing by making disciples and raising up ministers of God’s word.


All this and more in...  this Issue:


  1. Reading Revelation - Dennis E. Johnson
  2. Meet Our New Pastoral Interns
  3. Our New Youth Ministry Director: Jonny Lim
  4. Youth Ministry Bridges Parents and the Church - Mike McGarry
  5. God Acting in History - Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  6. God Is Judge - Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Download the September 2013 Herald here