Toddler Time

Welcome to Toddlers!

Our Toddler group has been running for over 20 years.  Our volunteers are members of the United Christian Church of Dubai.  Toddlers started up as a small group and has steadily grown over the years, to what we have now. All the volunteers are UCCD Church members. The volunteer coordinator is Sally Ellis 0521356638. We are excited to get to know you.


The Toddlers ministry aims to provide a place where parents can come and ask questions about childcare and Christian values. We are not experts but we all have our own children and have had our own experiences! It’s our great delight to share the best news we’ve ever heard, the gospel of King Jesus, and to teach the amazing truths of the bible with you through song, story, as well as open honest conversation in a friendly and loving format.


You’ll find that Toddler Time is also a place for parents to develop relationships with other parents and for children to play and learn in a safe and friendly environment.


Things to Keep in Mind 

Please remember that you are responsible for your own children whilst at Toddlers.  We ask, too, that you refrain from leaving your children alone at Toddlers with your maid. We are a family group. Please come and see us if there are difficult circumstances with this. 

Toddlers is on a Monday and Tuesday morning.  Please pick one of these days which suit you best especially when our attendance is up due to the warmer weather.  Please ‘sign in’ to register each week. 

9:00am Playtime

9:30 to 10:30am Playtime, snack and craft time

10:30 am Clearing up time

10:35 to 11:00 am Story and singing. 

We ask parents to take turns providing a snack.  Snack is a small portion of fruit and savory for each child.  Please sign up for snack for at least one session in each term. The snack list is next to the sign in sheet.  NO NUTS PLEASE! There is also tea, coffee and biscuits available for the parents.

The craft is available for each child if they want.  It is usually a simple bible based painting, drawing or sticking exercise for the children to complete and take home.  We ask all parents to model for the kids how to listen and be attentive during story time and join in the singing at the end! The cost for one child is 20 Dhs and 30 Dhs for 2 or more children. 

We hope that you and your children have a great time here.  Please feel free to come and ask any questions.  There is a prayer box on the registration desk where you can share requests with us and we would love to pray with you any time you need.  



Sally Ellis 

and the UCCD Toddler Ministry Team


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